Flexify 2.73

Achieve stunning photo effects with this Photoshop plug-in


  • Gives you the flexibilty to tweak effects or apply at random
  • Great for making panoramic views


  • You'll need Photoshop to make use of it

Very good

Flaming Pear is famous for being a prolific creator of cool Photoshop plug-ins and this versatile tool is another great addition to the developer's portfolio.

You can achieve some quite stunning visual effects, simulating many types of lenses within an intuitive working environment.

We love the way the program gives you as much or as little control over the effects as you desire.

You can either choose to experiment with the Latitude, Longitude and Spin settings yourself, or roll a dice to achieve random effects. This is a superb tool for getting unique lens effects on the fly as well as creating panoramic views.

Flexify is a Photoshop-compatible plugin filter that bends full-sphere panoramic images into new views. It accepts eqiurectangular, mirror-ball, and polar images as input, and can turn them into 23 kinds of output with high-quality resampling and three or four degrees of freedom.



Flexify 2.73

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